What Material Can The Carpet Be Made Of


    Chemical fiber carpets are made of nylon, high-qual […]

    Chemical fiber carpets are made of nylon, high-quality acrylic fiber (acrylic), polypropylene fiber and other carpet fabrics, and chenille fabrics are also commonly used. The quality and  touch are like wool, wear-resistant and elastic. After special treatment, it can have the characteristics of fire prevention, anti-fouling, anti-static, and anti-moth-eaten. It has the advantages of pure wool carpets and is the main product of the modern carpet industry. High-quality acrylic (acrylic) carpets are the most commonly used civilian carpets.

    Pure wool carpets are divided into two types: woven and woven. The former is expensive and the latter is cheap. The quality and quantity of fluff are the main factors that determine the abrasion resistance of carpets, and the amount is often expressed in terms of fluff density and height. Pure wool carpets are now mainly used in hotels and luxury residences above star level.

    Plastic carpet is a kind of carpet made of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials after uniform mixing and plastic. Artificial turf for outdoor use, etc.

    Straw carpets are floor coverings with a rustic style made from grass, hemp or plant fibers.

    There are many varieties of blended carpets, often blended with wool fibers and various synthetic fibers. Such as adding 20% ​​nylon fiber to pure wool fiber, the abrasion resistance can be improved five times. It can also be blended with synthetic fibers such as acrylic fibers. Blended carpets can overcome the shortcomings of pure wool carpets that are not resistant to insects and easy to corrode.