Count These Commonly Used Curtains


    There are many kinds of curtains, but they can be r […]

    There are many kinds of curtains, but they can be roughly classified into two categories: finished curtains and fabric curtains.

    According to different curtain fabrics and crafts, fabric curtains can be divided into: printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard fabrics, etc.

    The calico is printed with colors and patterns on the plain fabric by transfer or garden net, which is characterized by bright colors, rich and delicate patterns.

    The dyed cloth is dyed with a single color on the white embryo cloth, which is characterized by elegance and naturalness.

    The yarn-dyed fabric is based on the needs of the pattern. The gauze is first classified and dyed, and then interwoven to form a color pattern.

    Jacquard is a combination of jacquard and printing.

    Finished curtains can be divided into: roller shutters, folding curtains, heavy straight curtains and 100 pages according to their different appearances and functions.

    Roller blinds retract freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber shutter, wood burning shutter, bamboo spring shutter. Among them, the man-made fiber roller blinds are made of copper woven with a special process, which can pass strong sunlight radiation, transform the crystal quality of indoor light, and have anti-static and fire-proof effects.

     Folding curtains can be divided into 100-page curtains, day and night curtains, honeycomb curtains, and 100-fold curtains according to their different functions. Among them, the honeycomb curtain has a sound absorption effect, and the day and night curtain can have any effect between transparent and opaque.

    According to their different fabrics, vertical accommodation can be divided into quality-retaining market and man-made fiber inspection.

    Hundred-page curtains are generally divided into wooden 100-page, advocating 100-page, bamboo 100-page and so on. The biggest feature of the blinds is that the different angles of the light can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the natural light in the room is full of changes.