Home Textiles - Several Classifications Of Chenille Fabrics


    Chenille fabric is a fabric made of short fibers or […]

    Chenille fabric is a fabric made of short fibers or filaments of different thickness and strength by twisting. Because of its plump down, soft hand and thick fabric, it is widely used in the field of home textiles and knitted garments. In the application of curtains, it can be roughly divided into several types of chenille fabrics.

    Chenille jacquard fabric: The jacquard process is added during weaving to make the fabric show different patterns. Not only are the colors rich, but the patterns can also be rich and varied. Chenille jacquard fabric is an indispensable one in the high-end curtain market.

    Dyeing chenille: The original white yarn is used to weave the cloth, which is then dyed after weaving, generally in a single color. Solid-color dyed chenille has rich colors, soft hand feel, good drape, washable resistance, and strong color fastness.

    Yarn-dyed chenille: The yarn is dyed first, using one or more colors of yarn before weaving. It is possible to weave fabrics with several color cycles. Compared with dyed chenille, more colorful fabrics can be produced.

    Double-sided chenille: can be used on both sides, no matter the front and back, the velvet feeling is the same as rich and full.

    Blackout chenille: Blackout is one of the most important functions of curtains. Chenille achieves shading effect by adding black silk on the interlayer or adding black silk on the back. This is blackout chenille. The general shading rate of shading chenille can be 80-90%.