Acrylic Fabrics Are Suitable For Clothing And Home Textiles


     Acrylic fabric is a kind of acrylic fabric. It is […]

     Acrylic fabric is a kind of acrylic fabric. It is widely used in life, such as sofas, cushions, pillow fabrics and bedding, tablecloths and some kitchen and bathroom products, and the clothes we wear are all made of acrylic fabrics. Acrylic fabric, that is, polyacrylonitrile fiber, is a kind of artificial synthetic fiber. It is usually made of a copolymer of more than 85% of acrylonitrile and the second and third monomers by dry spinning or wet spinning. The synthetic fiber, acrylic fiber has the characteristics of softness, bulkiness, bright color and light resistance.

     Acrylic fabric is a spinning process that combines the advantages of fibers with high color fastness before spinning, which makes the performance of the fabric better. Ordinary polyester fabrics are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and iron-free, so it is also the most common fabric in textiles. It has good light resistance, acid and alkali damage to it is not large, and it is also a kind of fabric that is not afraid of insects.

    This fabric has a wide range of uses and is used in large quantities in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products. So it is also widely used in the fabric of outdoor sunshade products. Used in sunshade products, acrylic fabrics are stronger than polyester fabrics in terms of appearance, wear resistance and other aspects. However, the production cost of acrylic fabrics is very high, so the usage rate is not very wide, but it is very promising in the future.