The Difference Between Chenille Fabric And Corduroy


    Chenille fabric is a fabric made of short fibers or […]

    Chenille fabric is a fabric made of short fibers or filaments of different fineness and strength by twisting. It can be made into sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets, curtains and other accessories, and the application can be said to be relatively extensive. This material is a new type of fancy yarn, which is mainly made of two strands as the core thread, and then twisted to sandwich the feather yarn in the middle. The aesthetics of the chenille fabric is very good, the material is thick, the sound insulation effect is good, the high-end luxury is suitable for high-end decoration, the hand feels light on the skin and has a very drapey feeling. There are different quality classifications of chenille fabrics on the market today. Such as sticky clear material, cotton chenille and so on.

    The main raw material of corduroy is mainly cotton, and some are blended with chemical fibers such as polyester, acrylic and spandex. The strip is shaped like a corduroy and is named corduroy. Chenille is a new type of fancy yarn, also known as chenille, which is made of two strands of thread as the core thread, which is made by sandwiching the feather yarn in a twisted way.

    The corduroy fabric feels smooth and soft to the touch, the velvet strips are clear and round, the fabric is thicker and has good wear resistance and warmth retention, but it is easier to tear, especially the tearing strength along the velvet strip direction is low, and the corduroy fabric fabric It is usually used for autumn and winter coats, shoes and hats fabrics, and can also be used as handicrafts or toys; chenille yarn is usually used to make sofa covers and bedspreads, as well as interior decorations such as curtains and curtains.