The Obvious Characteristics Of Acrylic Cloth In Material


    Acrylic cloth is the name of a cloth widely used in […]

    Acrylic cloth is the name of a cloth widely used in outdoor sunshade and rainproof equipment and facilities. It is named after the composition of acrylic products. It is often used as sofa fabric, and is generally a synthetic fiber made of polyacrylonitrile or acrylonitrile copolymer with acrylonitrile content greater than 85% (mass percent).

    Polyester fabric, also known as polyester fiber, is commonly known as polyester. It belongs to synthetic fiber in chemical fiber. The synthetic fiber manufacturing industry is the largest and most branched sub-industry in the chemical fiber industry. In addition to polyester, its products also include acrylic, nylon, and spandex.

    Acrylic fibers are very unique in their internal large substructure, showing an irregular helical conformation, and there is no strict crystalline region, but there are high-order and low-order arrangements. Because of this structure, acrylic has good thermal elasticity (bulked yarn can be processed), the density of acrylic is smaller than wool, and the fabric has good thermal insulation.

    It has good sunlight resistance and weather resistance (ranked first), poor moisture absorption, and difficult dyeing. Pure acrylonitrile fiber has a tight internal structure and poor wearing performance, so by adding the second and third monomers to improve its performance, the second monomer improves elasticity and hand feel, and the third monomer improves dyeability.