Different Tablecloths Have Their Own Advantages And Disadvantages


    The materials of tablecloths on the market are roug […]

    The materials of tablecloths on the market are roughly divided into: PVC plastic, cloth, cotton, cotton linen, polyester and other categories.

    The tablecloth made of PVC plastic material has good waterproof and oil-proof effect, and is easy to clean, just wipe it. However, the white PVC tablecloth will turn yellow after being used for a long time, and the PVC will release toxic substances when exposed to high temperature or burn.

    Tablecloths made of cloth, cotton, cotton linen, and polyester have better texture. Some products have a waterproof layer added, which has a certain waterproof effect; some cloth products are made of TPU, a safe and environmentally friendly material that is waterproof and oil-proof, and the bottom layer is cloth, because the TPU material feels good. It is smooth and feels less than pure cloth products. However, pure fabric products are not as waterproof and oil-proof as PVC plastics and need to be cleaned.

    If you want to choose a tablecloth, it is recommended to pay attention to the waterproof and oil-proof effect. You can choose a tablecloth made of PVC or a cloth tablecloth with a surface layer of TPU material. Pure fabric tablecloth.