Features Of Jacquard Carpet Fabrics


    Jacquard fabrics can be divided into woven, warp kn […]

    Jacquard fabrics can be divided into woven, warp knitted and weft knitted jacquard. Among them, the weft knitted jacquard fabric has good elasticity when it is pulled horizontally and vertically, while the warp knitted and woven jacquard fabrics have no elasticity when pulled horizontally and vertically.

    Jacquard fabrics can be divided into single-color jacquard and multi-color jacquard fabrics according to their colors. Single-color jacquard is a jacquard-dyed fabric, which is first woven by a jacquard loom and then dyed and finished. The finished fabric is solid color; multi-color jacquard is a yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, which is first dyed and then woven by a jacquard loom. made, and finally sorted.

    Jacquard carpets are made of jacquard carpets polyester fabrics or other types of fabrics, while jacquards are concave-convex patterns woven by interlaced warp and weft of textiles. Therefore, jacquard carpets have high requirements on cotton yarn. The fabrics of jacquard carpets are divided into two categories: home textile materials and fashion fabrics. The fabric is soft and comfortable, with good breathability, smooth tentacles, and some are elastic and shiny.