How To Achieve The Best Finished Product Of Pure Linen Sofa Cushion Fabric


    Home textile products made of pure flax fiber have […]

    Home textile products made of pure flax fiber have good air permeability, friction resistance, hygroscopicity and heat dissipation capacity, but their softness is poor, the hand feels rough, easy to wrinkle, and itching, which seriously limits their application range. Therefore, how to make the soft finishing, mercerizing finishing and functional finishing of linen fabrics play a better role has become the direction of people's efforts.

    Through the soft finishing, the friction factor of the fiber surface can be reduced, the frictional resistance between the warp and weft yarns can be improved, and the linen fabric can be given a lasting soft and smooth feel, thereby improving its wearing comfort.

    In the process of applying linen fabrics to sofa cushions, some people have obtained relatively good products through experiments. How? Let's find out together.

    The preparation process of pure linen sofa cushion fabric is: fabric weaving→singeing→mercerizing→scouring→pickling→water washing→softening treatment→water washing→drying. When mercerizing and then scouring, the strength loss rate of the fabric is lower than that of scouring and then mercerizing.

    The optimal mercerizing process parameters based on the fabric warp breaking strength and mercerizing barium value are as follows: NaOH mass concentration of 220g/L, fabric tension as natural shrinkage tension, and mercerization time as 210s. The fabric warp strength loss rate under this process parameter is 6.77%, and the mercerized barium value is 145. The optimum mass concentration of C912 is 6.0g/L. At this time, the breaking strength of the fabric in the warp direction is reduced by 3.1%, the stiffness in the warp direction is reduced by 21.9%, and the fabric is softer and smoother.