Table Cloth Makes the Layout of the Home More Elegant


Table cloths are mainly made of light-colored or pure w […]

Table cloths are mainly made of light-colored or pure white cotton fabrics because cotton fabrics have strong water absorption and Softness, light tones and white can set off an elegant environment, giving customers a clean, hygienic, warm and comfortable feel. Most of the sources of stains on hotel tablecloths are food, beverages, vegetable juices and condiments. Specific subdivisions may include cream, fish, gravy, vegetable juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, red wine, white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments and seasoning oils, and there may even be vomit. Due to the complex sources of stains, the crisscross distribution of stains, and the longer duration of stains, it is difficult to remove stains and wash the hotel tablecloths. Nevertheless, as long as we conduct a rational analysis of all the sources of stains, it is not difficult to find washing solutions. The stains on the tablecloth are divided by nature and may be composed of tannic acid, protein, animal and vegetable oils, wine, vinegar, salt, sugar, and pigments.

Introduction to the role of wallpaper

Tablecloths are also called table flags. They belong to the soft decoration category of home textiles. They are tasteful ornaments in home decoration. They are only used for decoration but don’t underestimate this decoration. First, it can add variety to a monotonous tabletop. Color, the second is to soften the hard texture of the desktop, so that the room looks warmer. The table is not easy to change, but the tablecloth can be changed frequently to inject fresh elements into our plain home. The tablecloth can be used as the leftover cloth of the curtain. It is cheap and consistent with the environment. It is a manifestation of taste and the pursuit of beauty in life! Therefore, the tablecloth is an important element of modern room decoration and reflects the occupants' own living environment. Pursuit and taste! Choosing a table runner with the characteristics and texture of Europium can make the layout of the home more elegant.

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