Ten Common Furniture Fabrics


Existing upholstered furniture can be divided into arti […]

Existing upholstered furniture can be divided into artificial leather, leather and fabric. Many people pay more attention to the soft decoration in the home when decorating at home. The soft decoration is a test of the owner's taste and style. Therefore, everyone also needs to make a certain selection on the brand of upholstered furniture. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the ten common upholstered furniture fabrics, so that you can better understand them and choose national treasure furniture.

Ten common upholstered furniture fabrics

1. Hemp: It is a kind of plant fiber, known as cool and noble fiber. It has good hygroscopicity, releases moisture quickly, is not easy to generate static heat, conducts heat quickly, dissipates heat quickly, wears coolly, does not fit the body after sweating, and is more resistant to washing. Good heat resistance.

2. Mulberry silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, shiny, warm in winter and cool in summer, unique "singing" phenomenon when rubbed, with good extensibility, good heat resistance, It is not resistant to saltwater erosion and should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.

3. Viscose: It is made of wood, cotton linters, reeds and other natural cellulose-containing materials and chemical materials. It is also often called artificial cotton. It has the basic properties of natural fibers, good dyeing properties, good fastness, and soft fabrics. High specific gravity, good drape, good moisture absorption, cool to wear, not easy to generate static electricity, fluff and pilling. Here to share an article for everyone "People of different ages need to choose different furniture"

4. Acetate fiber: It is chemically processed from natural cellulose-containing materials. It has a silky style, is light and comfortable to wear, has good elasticity and elastic recovery properties is not suitable for washing and has poor colorfastness.

5. Polyester: belongs to polyester fiber, has excellent elasticity and resilience, the fabric is crisp, does not wrinkle, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durable and has excellent light resistance, but it is easy to generate static electricity Poor hygroscopicity and dust absorption.

6. Nylon: It is a polyamide fiber, which is also the so-called nylon. The dyeability is better in synthetic fibers. It is light to wear, has good waterproof and windproof performance, high abrasion resistance, and good strength and elasticity.

7. Polypropylene: It looks like woolen silk or cotton, with waxy feel and luster, elasticity and recovery is generally not easy to wrinkle, small proportion, light, good clothing comfort, can transmit sweat faster to keep the skin comfortable, strength and abrasion resistance They are relatively durable and not resistant to high temperatures.

8. Spandex: It has excellent elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as Lycra, good elasticity, smooth hand feeling, low moisture absorption, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, and poor heat resistance.

9. Lun: The fabric looks and feels like cotton, with poor elasticity, good wettability and low thermal conductivity. It is light and warm to wear, has good strength and abrasion resistance. It has good resistance to chemicals and sunlight.

10. Pure linen fine spinning: it has a fine, light, crisp, smooth style, with good air permeability and comfort.

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