The Characteristics of Different Curtain Fabrics


Curtains are a must-have decoration for every household […]

Curtains are a must-have decoration for every household, and fabrics are a key factor in determining the quality of curtains. Different scenes will also use curtains of different fabrics. For example, bedroom curtains require sound insulation and shading, while hall curtains require In addition to aesthetics, ventilation is also required.

Which fabrics are suitable for curtains?

Cotton and linen curtains: Both cotton and linen are the best-selling curtain fabrics in the current market. Cotton fibers are soft to the touch and have good moisture absorption and breathability. In addition to strong moisture absorption and breathability, hemp and cotton fibers are also anti-mold It has the function of changing and preventing insects, and it can also absorb indoor formaldehyde. Cotton and linen curtains can be designed in a retro style, which can be better coordinated with wooden furniture.

Flannel curtains: The drape of the flannel fabric is excellent and can show the Chinese style vividly. The flannel is not easy to fade after being colored. The fabric is thicker but the price will be more expensive. Many residents also use flannel curtains.

Polyester curtains: The surface of curtains made of polyester is smoother and has a good luster. It feels like silk. The key is that polyester is wear-resistant and washable. These curtains generally have a long life and are more expensive than cotton and linen curtains. It will be much cheaper, it is an economical fabric, but the flaw of polyester is that it is not very breathable, so in summer, it will be more stuffy and hot in the room with the curtains closed.

Wooden woven curtains: We rarely see this kind of curtains. They are made of wood, so this kind of curtains will be closer to nature when paired with wooden furniture. Wooden woven curtains have similar air permeability to cotton and linen curtains. However, wooden curtains are opaque and are more suitable for bedroom use.

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