On The Role Of Different Curtains At Home


    The existence of curtains is necessary, through whi […]

    The existence of curtains is necessary, through which the light entering the room can be flexibly controlled. For example, in the dazzling sun in the daytime, the curtains can be pulled up to avoid too much sun in the room, and the curtains can be opened on cloudy days to make the interior more comfortable. bright. Secondly, the curtain is a light and shadow weapon. If the light is handled well, it can achieve the beauty of a layer of filters. Therefore, people compare curtain fabrics, colors, styles, craftsmanship and other aspects.

    In terms of decoration, the area of ​​curtains is huge, directly occupying half of the country, and the color and material play an important role in the matching effect of the overall soft decoration.

    As far as ordinary fabric curtains are concerned, this kind of curtain can generally have a better shading effect when pulled up. Generally, such curtains can be used in the bedroom. When sleeping, pulling the curtains can make the space quieter and darker, which is conducive to improving sleep. quality. If you don’t like too bright at home, you can also choose to install curtains with high shading in the living room space.

    The gauze curtain has the effect of light transmission and opacity, which can make the space bright without being peeped. It is more suitable for families who want to maintain the privacy of their daily activities at home, such as the living room space.

    Venetian blinds can also achieve the effect of translucent and opaque. This type of curtain can be installed in a window with a relatively small area, and it will not have much impact on the layout and utilization of space after installation, such as bathroom or study space.