Practical Material For Textile Tablecloths


     The material of table cloth and coffee table cloth […]

     The material of table cloth and coffee table cloth we usually use can be mainly divided into plastic and textile according to the production process.

    Textile tablecloths and coffee tablecloths are mostly decorative, and the fabrics of textile fabrics are also very healthy, with good hygroscopicity and skin-friendly toning. Pre-shrunk for a comfortable feel and tight fabric. This type of tablecloth is mercerized, bright, soft and bright in color. It is the most common tablecloth in life. Among them, cotton and linen tablecloth is a good fabric. The texture is quite good, very wear-resistant and durable. This kind of fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, and it pursues various natural things.

    The practical tablecloths and coffee table cloths are mostly made of PVC texture, and the quality of PVC tablecloths is the most guaranteed by cotton-backed PVC tablecloths. The bottom layer of this tablecloth is covered with a layer of cotton, which makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the hard and brittle shortcomings of traditional PVC tablecloths. Moreover, unlike traditional plastic tablecloths, the color is too single and dull, and the colors and patterns are diverse. It is easy to match with a variety of decoration styles, and is a good choice for soft decoration.