Comparison Of Fabric Sofa Fabrics With Other Fabrics


    Among the common sofa fabrics, the comfort and soft […]

    Among the common sofa fabrics, the comfort and softness of the fabrics are relatively lacking. A piece of fabric with a comfortable hand can not only improve the experience of consumers, but also reflect the overall sense of value of a sofa. It is generally woven from natural fabrics. The fabric is more comfortable to the touch. Common sofa fabrics on the market include four types of fabrics: leather, fabric, artificial leather and plush.

    Leather fabrics are the most comfortable, but expensive. However, artificial leather fabrics and plush fabrics have poor air permeability and are easy to sit and get hotter, and the comfort is the lowest. Cloth fabric, high density, soft texture, no rough feeling to the hand, strong skin-friendly feeling, comfortable to use. Sofa polyester fabrics are spun and post-treated fibers. After the polyester yarn is set, the flat and fluffy shape is generated, and it can be washed for many times in use, and it will remain unchanged for a long time. In addition, polyester has the advantages of anti-wrinkle, no ironing, not easy to fluff, smooth and soft, and also has the characteristics of crisp, wear-resistant, easy to wash and quick-drying. The chenille sofa fabric is generally thick but light, with good water absorption and drape. Chenille also has outstanding performance in antibacterial and mildew resistance, and has a good shading and dustproof function.