How Do Carpets Create An Overall Harmonious Atmosphere?


    Carpet is a part of soft decoration. A good carpet […]

    Carpet is a part of soft decoration. A good carpet can improve the appearance of the whole home.

    Choose a carpet according to the color of the floor, that is, "choose a light-colored carpet for a dark floor, and a dark carpet for a light-colored floor"

    Carpets are not pure decorations. While they have high appearance, they also need high comfort, so I have to say the quality of carpet fabrics. Wool rugs, that is, rugs made of pure wool, are soft to the feet and provide the highest comfort. But the hardest to manage. Chemical fiber carpets, that is, carpets made of artificial fibers, have good anti-corrosion and mildew resistance, strong anti-fouling ability, long service life and high cost performance. However, it is easy to generate static electricity and easily absorb dust. The blended carpet is a carpet woven from pure wool fibers and various fibers, and the wool content is between 20% and 80%. It is as comfortable as a wool carpet, has a relatively long service life and is cost-effective. Compared with chemical fiber carpets, it is slightly more troublesome to take care of. There are so many ways to match the carpet here.

    Full floor, that is, the sofa, coffee table and side table are all accommodated in the carpet. This method has good effect, high comfort, strong overall feeling, and it is not easy to step on thunder. But it should be noted that the carpet is too large and the price is high; and cleaning is relatively troublesome.

    Press the edge, that is, the sofa presses half of the carpet. The size is suitable, the cleaning is relatively simple, and the sofa presses the carpet and is not easy to be moved. In terms of comfort, it is slightly lower than the full floor. The center of the carpet is that the carpet is only spread on the coffee table. More budget, easy to take care of. Carpets are easy to move and require strong matching skills. It is easy to step on the thunder if you choose them yourself.