Curtains Can Be Selected According To Needs


    First of all, the choice of curtain fabrics must be […]

    First of all, the choice of curtain fabrics must be selected according to the different requirements of users. If a person pays more attention to the effect of sound insulation and light blocking, then it is recommended that you choose curtains with thicker fabrics, generally like curtain fabrics. The thicker it is, the better its sound insulation and light blocking effect will be.

    If your home is decorated in a modern style, then the curtains are more suitable for cotton and linen fabrics. The suede fabric can not only block light, but also soundproof at the same time. love one.

    If you want to have good lighting and shading, then you can consider using double-layer curtains. The tulle has good light transmission. This can be used for lighting, and then a thick layer of silk curtains can be used. to avoid light.

    However, it should be noted that the curtains are often exposed to the sun, the cotton cloth is easy to fade, and the large area of ​​cotton cloth is very easy to accumulate dust. It is a relatively large cleaning project to remove and wash the curtains, and the cotton cloth is very easy to pilling and shrinking during the cleaning and maintenance process. , very affect the look and feel, need toss. The linen curtains need to be cleaned with lye, and they have to be gently washed and rinsed several times with water. They must be flat after drying, and they must be ironed after drying, otherwise they will be wrinkled. Therefore, for the convenience of daily use, these two materials that require energy are generally not considered.