Generally speaking, thin fabrics with published pat […]

    Generally speaking, thin fabrics with published patterns are cheap due to their simple process, while patterns similar as patterns are woven by machines, which are thicker and further upscale. When copping, precisely observe what kind of pattern the fabric belongs to. The patterns woven by different underpinning and weft vestments have a three-dimensional sense, not as smooth as published fabrics. Likewise, the sofa fabrics made of pure cotton and pure hair are of advanced grade than ordinary rayon fabrics.

    Ultramodern assiduity has been suitable to carry outmulti-layer slice of thick cowhide, so there are one- subcaste, two- subcaste and indeedmulti-layer skins. The fabric of the lounge varies greatly depending on the leather.

    The system of distinguishing the alternate subcaste of skin can be seen through a magnifying glass, which is the crown and the clear pores.

    Pick up the skin with your hands, the soft and elastic skin is substantially the top subcaste of skin.

    In addition, attention should be paid to the details of the lounge, similar as some lounge bases are wood, some are essence, and some are pulleys, this detail should be precisely checked.        The main thing is to be strong, the bases are unstable, and the lounge won't be comfortable to sit on. Now European- style settees borrow the structure of frame and bumper. In order to present some special design feeling, some designs will designedly expose part of the frame, similar as exposing candescent essence, and talking with leather material to produce a wild and demonstrative style. Effect. Also this part of the exposed frame should be checked easily. The lounge cover of the fabric lounge must be precisely checked whether it's easy to disassemble, so as to grease the cleaning in use in the future.