There are also certain norms for the color selection […]

   There are also certain norms for the color selection of bed cover fabrics, and different colors can have different goods on people themselves. Just as some people like the blue of the ocean, the herbage of the lawn, and the bright red, they will bring joy to the mood, and different spread colors will also have an impact on our bodies. Different colors will suit the crowd.

   Light orange bed cover-helps calcium immersion, relieves headache, fever, wakefulness

   For illustration, the use of light orange spreads in the living room of the senior can induce appetite, help the immersion of calcium, and make people feel refreshed and happy. Or choose blue to help relieve symptoms similar as headaches, fever, and wakefulness.

   Tender green counterpane-suitable for people who relieve pressure and perversity

  People who are emotionally unstable and fluently perverse should use bright green spreads in the living room to relax the mind and relieve pressure. Generally speaking, the colors of bed wastes are substantially light colors.

  Blue counterpane-suitable for computers and white- collar workers

   Still, it's stylish to put on a light blue bed cover to help the blood pressure drop and the palpitation return to normal, If the proprietor of the room suffers from high blood pressure or heart complaint. In addition, blue is also suitable forover-brained white- collar workers.

   Indigo bed covers are suitable forpost-operative recovery to relieve pain because indigo affects vision, hail and smell, which can reduce the body's perceptivity to pain. Cases whose injuries are recovering from surgery can conclude for indigo bed covers as well as other ménage particulars. Or simply paint the room indigo.