How to clean the curtains brighter


Experts suggest that bleach must not be used when clean […]

Experts suggest that bleach must not be used when cleaning curtains, try not to dehydrate and dry, and air dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself. Ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but fabrics that shrink easily should be dry cleaned as much as possible; curtains made of canvas or hemp should be wiped with a sponge dipped in warm water or soap solution, and rolled up after drying; velvet curtains should be cleaned First, soak the curtains in a neutral cleaning solution, press lightly with your hands, wash them, and place them on the shelf to allow the water to drip dry naturally, which will make the curtains as clean as new.

   reminder: pay attention to the cleaning of special materials

   Mention some curtain fabrics due to special materials (such as adhesive curtains) or fabrics with special weaving methods (such as knitted fabrics), must be sent to dry cleaning, do not wash in order to avoid damage or deformation of the fabric. Some curtains are made with a top cover, or the curtains are decorated with ornaments, such as silk tassels or hanging tassels. It is best to dry clean or hand wash, not machine wash.

   Tips: After washing all window screens, you can soak them in milk for one hour, then wash and air dry. The color of the soaked gauze will be brighter.

   Curtains (shading fabrics) made of electrostatic flocking cloth are not easy to get dirty and do not need to be cleaned frequently. If you want to clean it, don't soak it in water, rub it or brush it. Just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline and rub it gently. Don't twist it hard to prevent the fluff from falling off and affect the appearance.

   For the roller blinds or soft finished curtains that are currently used more in households, you can wipe them with a cloth dipped in warm water-soluble detergent or a little ammonia solution. Some parts are glued together, so be careful not to get water. The higher-end finished curtains can be waterproof, so you don't need to worry about this.