Good fabrics and curtains


Excluding the pattern, the thickness of the curtain fab […]

Excluding the pattern, the thickness of the curtain fabric, the fiber composition and whether it has been specially treated have a great impact on the future use.

  When choosing fabrics, the orientation of the windows often has a great influence. South-facing windows have good light, and gauze, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. The north-facing room is often dark and cold, so you should choose curtains with warm colors and a bit heavy feeling to increase the temperature.

  Good light, gauze, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable

   The heater is usually installed under the window, and the fabric with good heat resistance should be selected, and at the same time, it will not block the heat of the heater from being emitted into the house. For rooms facing east or west, there will be a few hours of strong sunlight every day. Specially treated fabrics or neutral-colored fabrics should be used, otherwise it will fade or change color. It is best to have a certain barrier. Thermal performance.

  Natural quality

  Natural fiber, cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics have good drape and comfortable touch. They are very good fabrics. It's just that natural fiber is not suitable for high temperature and strong light stimulation, so it can't be used in the western sun room. Man-made fiber or synthetic fiber fabrics, after special treatment, are better than natural fiber fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, wrinkle resistance and discoloration resistance, and have higher practicality.