Pay attention to four points to choose beautiful curtains


1. Protect privacy For a family, no one likes their eve […]

1. Protect privacy

For a family, no one likes their every move to be in the sight of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy concerns. The living room is a public activity area for family members. The requirements for privacy are relatively low. Most of the living rooms of families have curtains opened during the day, so they are mostly in a decorative state. As for the bedrooms and other areas, people not only require that they cannot be seen from the outside, but also that they cannot even see the shadows. This brings up the problem of choosing different curtains for different areas. We may choose transparent fabrics for the living room, and thicker fabrics for the bedroom.

2. Use light

In fact, protecting privacy still plays a role by blocking light. The use of light mentioned here refers to the effective use of light while protecting privacy. For example, in the rooms on the first and second floors, people don’t like to let people walking around see every move in the room, but long-term thick and thick will affect the natural lighting, so light curtains like gauze curtains should be used. Was born.

3. Wall

For many ordinary families, curtains are the biggest decoration on the wall. Especially for some "four white floor" simple decoration families, except for a few picture frames, there may be curtains on the wall. Therefore, the color and style of curtains often play a pivotal role. Similarly, for a hard-covered family, suitable curtains will make the home more beautiful and more individual.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction

We know that from the way of sound transmission, the high pitch is transmitted in a straight line, and the window glass has a strong reflectivity for the high pitch. Therefore, curtains of appropriate thickness can improve the indoor sound effect; similarly, thick curtains also help to absorb part of the noise from the outside and improve the indoor sound environment.