A good-looking and elegant table cloth is indispens […]

    A good-looking and elegant table cloth is indispensable in the family. In addition to playing an important decorative role, it also protects the dining table to a certain extent. As we all know, there are many materials for tablecloths, which are dazzling and dazzling. What are the commonly used tablecloths?

   PVC Tablecloth

   The most common PVC material is a solid wood table cloth. The PVC solid wood table cloth with cotton backing is the best quality solid wood table cloth at present. Its advantages are that it is soft, easy to fold, has various colors, and various patterns, and is easy to match, and the solid wood table cloth made of PVC is easier to take care of and has a longer service life.

    Cotton and Linen Tablecloth

    Linen tablecloths are tablecloths used by ordinary families. Cotton and linen tablecloths are not as luxurious as satin tablecloths and are more inclined to a tablecloth used by the general public. The products made of cotton and linen are relatively cost-effective, the fabric is soft and comfortable, the texture is very good, and the wear resistance is also very good. When placed on the dining table at home, it can add more natural decorative colors to the home. Cotton and linen The tablecloth is definitely higher than the satin tablecloth in terms of practicality.

    Satin Tablecloth

    Satin tablecloths are often used on more formal occasions or at home. Because satin fabrics are relatively high-grade, they are very gorgeous and elegant when they are decorated on the dining table. However, the materials are special, so they can only be dry cleaned.

    Fabric Tablecloth

    Fabric tablecloths are the most economical and practical and are the first choice for many families. The tablecloths are healthy and environmentally friendly, and the tablecloths are generally mercerized and compressed. The tablecloths feel comfortable and the fabric is tight. At the same time, the colors and patterns on the tablecloths are rich and decorative. strong.