In the use of carpet fabrics, it seems that all kin […]

    In the use of carpet fabrics, it seems that all kinds of fabrics can be mixed, and various patterns and crafts can also add luster to the carpet. We know chenille carpet fabrics, acrylic fabrics, wool fabrics, etc., but we may not be particularly familiar with these twill printed fabrics.

    The first is twill-printed fabrics. After this kind of fabric is configured with dyes, it is printed on a cotton cloth to produce various color patterns. It belongs to the traditional printing and dyeing process of first weaving and then dyeing, with bright colors and various colors. Pure cotton fabrics will shrink slightly, not pilling, and not easy to fade, but if the fabric is darker, it may lose its color when it is first launched into the water.

    The second is reactive printing fabric: it belongs to high-grade combed cotton, which is woven first and then dyed, and imported dyes are used. Environmentally friendly technology printing and dyeing. The color of the fabric is brighter and purer, and the pure cotton fabric will shrink slightly and will not pill, regardless of the color depth, it will not fade.

    The third type of brushed printing fabric: the width of the fabric is 2 meters 5, which belongs to high-grade combed cotton. In the process of post-processing, this kind of fabric is brushed to make the surface of the fabric have a certain velvety feel and improve the feel of the fabric. . So what is sanding? In fact, it is the process of grinding the surface of the fabric with a short and dense layer of fluff with a sanding roller (or belt), so that the warp and weft yarns can produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. The suede surface is smooth, the hand feels plump, soft, full of velvet feeling, soft luster, and no aurora. The brushed fabric is fluffy, thick, and has good thermal properties. When you fall asleep on a cold night, there is no other cotton cloth that is cold when it first comes into contact with the human body. At the same time, it has the advantages of no pilling and no fading. A set of sanding four-piece set is twice as heavy as a set of an ordinary four-piece set

    The fourth type of jacquard fabric: jacquard fabric is a high-count and high-density fabric, and the pattern is directly woven by the loom. It displays different parts of the pattern through different organizational forms. Jacquard fabrics have a strong three-dimensional pattern and rich pattern layers. The jacquard fabric is soft to the touch and has a good gloss.

    The fifth kind of silk-cotton jacquard fabric: At present, there are two kinds of silk-cotton fabrics: one is the interweaving of silk thread and cotton yarn, and the other is the interweaving of viscose fiber and cotton yarn. The interweaving of silk and cotton yarn can not only reflect the softness and smoothness of silk, but also the closeness and comfort of cotton, and organically integrate the performance of cotton and silk, thereby improving the taste and grade of fabrics. The interweaving of viscose fiber and cotton yarn, the appearance of viscose is almost the same as that of silk cotton, but it has a better feel, luster, and air permeability, making it more and more widely used in fabrics.