Chenille Fabric Is Your First Choice For Home Decor


  Chenille fabric  are plump, soft to the touch, thick […]

  Chenille fabric  are plump, soft to the touch, thick and light in texture, and are widely used in home textiles and knitted garments, forming a new bright spot in product development. Chenille decorative products can be made into chenille  fabric carpet,sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets, table blankets,  wall decorations, curtains, curtains and other interior decoration accessories.

   The chenille fabric has a very thick appearance, the whole appearance looks very light, and can be made into very beautiful patterns or patterns. The overall look is very high-end, and the combination of decoration and practicality makes the whole room look very good. Elegant and luxurious. On the touch, the whole meat surface is very plump, it has a velvety touch to the touch, and it feels very soft and comfortable.

   Moreover, chenille fabric can adapt to people's needs for different intensities of light. It can block strong sunlight in summer, and has a very good thermal insulation effect in winter. It can improve the climate and environment of the entire room. It can prevent wind and heat insulation, and can also resist allergies. anti-static. It also has outstanding performance in antibacterial and mildew prevention, and generally does not become moldy or deteriorated. The sound insulation is also very good, and it has a good shading and dustproof function. It is very hygroscopic, can absorb 20 times its own weight in water, and feels very dry. The suede is plump and has an excellent hand feel. Although the fabric is thicker, the fabric is very light, with good water absorption and drape.