How To Match Curtain Fabrics?


 There are also many curtain fabrics on the market. Her […]

 There are also many curtain fabrics on the market. Here are a few to show you their daily collocation.

 The material of the gauze curtain is mostly chemical fiber, and a small part is made of hemp or cotton and linen chemical fiber blend. The combination of the veil and a layer of other finished curtains is already very common. It can not only block the light properly but also keep the living room from being dark. At this time, the selection of gauze curtains is perfect. The gauze curtain is not only available in white but also has different light transmission effects in different colors. It can also be printed or embroidered, which has a better decorative effect. Pure linen blend can be said to be the mainstream material of modern finished curtains. It is basically used for solid color and embroidered curtains, with less printing. If the home is a fabric sofa, you can choose the finished curtains of this fabric, which are very harmonious. Suede and satin fabrics give people a very extravagant, gorgeous, and high-end texture, and are generally matched with European, light luxury, American and retro styles.

 The last thing to say is that the curtains must have enough shading properties, and the light effect of dark custom curtains is stronger. When choosing curtains, use your mobile phone to turn on the flashlight, put it under the curtains, and try the shading effect. At the same time, it should be noted that although some fabrics have good shading performance, there will be wrinkles and shrinkage will affect the appearance.