Many people like to put a carpet under the coffee table […]

Many people like to put a carpet under the coffee table in the living room or in the bedroom. They usually use fleece, corn fiber, chenille carpet fabric, etc. One is to decorate our room, which can adjust the color of the bedroom and living room to make our room more beautiful. To enjoy life is to start decorating from the details. Second, because the carpet has a good sound insulation effect, it is comfortable and clean to step on it with bare feet, and there is no need to worry about the cold. Because of the many advantages of carpets, many people don't know which fabric to buy when they buy. Today, I will show you all about it. If you want to choose a good chenille carpet fabric, just look at these two points!
1. Dyeing method
Good chenille carpet fabrics generally use reactive and environmentally friendly dyeing methods. The dyes they use will be tested by the local testing organization. The color resistance of the chenille carpet fabric is level three to four before it is considered standard reactive dyeing.
At the same time, there is also an important point. The chenille carpet fabric dyed by the active and environmentally friendly dyeing method will not contain harmful and toxic chemicals to the human body.
2. The pile effect
To see if the quality of a cotton chenille carpet is good or not, you must look at the piles on the surface. If the piles are uneven in thickness from top to bottom, or if the pile roots are produced and thick, and the pile tops are very thin, it is not good. Chenille rugs, good cotton chenille rugs are uniform in thickness from top to bottom. After shaking and spreading on the ground, the piles will all face one side neatly. That is a good chenille carpet fabric. Fabric.
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