How to Clean the Flannel Sofa Cushion Correctly?


The flannel has a warm function so that people can resi […]

The flannel has a warm function so that people can resist the severe cold, and its soft touch on the ground can also make people love it. Many families have sofa cushions made of flannel, so how do clean the flannel sofa cushions correctly?
Flannel is a combination of suede fabric, textile cotton, woolen textile front dyeing process, flannel primaries, the combination of another part of wool, twill weave through technical weaving. Due to the raw wool flannel fabric, it has a very complete treatment, smooth, soft suede, close hair density, no texture, and so on. In order not to damage the fabric, you need the correct method when you wash it.
Use a neutral detergent for the scouring cloth, not bleach. Coral fleece contains chlorine bleach, which will damage the fabric material and cause the fabric to turn yellow. The correct way to wash is to dissolve the detergent in warm water and soak it for a few minutes until the flannel wipes the stain gently with your hands. Never use a brush. It will damage the haircloth and cause hair loss due to excessive force. After washing with clean water, clean it well, after dehydration and drying, it can be ventilated.
The above is about how to properly clean the flannel sofa cushion method. People should know that different methods need to be adopted during the cleaning time and the process between different fabrics, so as to protect the texture of the fabric without any loss. Similarly, when people wash flannel, it requires a combination of characteristics, such as fabrics, that allow functions to be unaffected.
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