Four Functions of Home Textiles


The functionality of Home Textile Fabrics refers to the […]

The functionality of Home Textile Fabrics refers to the special protective functions that home textiles have in addition to their original basic properties such as soft hand feel, warmth, and comfort. Common ones include antibacterial, waterproof, antifouling, easy decontamination, and antistatic.

1. Antibacterial

Home textiles such as towels and quilts are prone to bacteria, and textile fabrics with antibacterial functions play an extremely important role in preventing the invasion of bacteria. Antibacterial home textiles can be obtained by finishing coating or resin treatment on the fabric. This finishing technique is commonly used for natural pure textiles. This technology can use Deco nanosilver ions for antibacterial and use the disinfection and antibacterial properties of silver ions to effectively protect and antibacterial towel fabrics.

2. Waterproof

Curtains and sofa-type home textiles require fabrics to have good water resistance. This water resistance can be treated with a simple "lotus leaf effect" through Deco Nano fluorine-free waterproofing agent, which is environmentally friendly, efficient and practical.

3. Anti-fouling and easy to decontaminate

Sofa-type home textiles require that they are not easily stained by stains as much as possible, and once they are stained, they must be easy to wash and remove. This effect can be obtained by using a Deco nano three-proof finishing agent and an easy decontamination finishing agent.

4. Antistatic

Household textiles are generally chemical fiber fabrics. Under dry conditions, static electricity is easy to generate. Static electricity will make textiles easy to stain, pilling, and friction with the skin will cause electric shock. If you want home textiles to be antistatic Performance, we can give textiles this performance through Deco nano antistatic agent.

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