What Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Bedspread Fabric?


When we buy bedspread products, we often pay the most a […]

When we buy bedspread products, we often pay the most attention to the composition, price, advantages, and disadvantages of the fabric. Next, I will explain the classification of Bed Cover Fabric and how to choose the fabric.

1. Polyester-cotton bed linen: Polyester-cotton bed linen is generally made of a percentage of cotton + percentage of polyester blended, and can be divided into two types of twill and plain weave. The fabric of this type of bed linen is relatively light and thin but retains the wear resistance of polyester. The bedsheets will not shrink or deform under normal washing and use. The key is that the price of polyester-cotton bed sheets will be much cheaper than pure cotton, but the color of this bed sheet will be relatively simple, and the twill weave will be better than the plain weave.

2. Pure cotton bed sheet: This kind of fabric is made by dyeing first and then weaving. Their warp and weft yarns are of different colors. The dye can penetrate into the fabric very well and is very strong because the produced pure cotton In addition to the comfort of pure cotton, yarn-dyed sheets have rich colors and patterns, but pure cotton will shrink.

3. Silk bed sheets: Silk is generally a symbol of elegance and wealth, and silk bed sheets look more luxurious. In addition, silk bed sheets have the smoothness of silk and the comfort of cotton and have surpassed pure cotton in terms of elasticity and absorbency. But this kind of fabric is not resistant to dirt, there are many things to pay attention to in washing, and the price is relatively expensive.

How to choose bed linen fabrics is actually determined by personal preference and budget. If you don't have a higher budget, it is recommended that you can buy polyester-cotton fabrics and pure cotton fabrics. Both in terms of price and practicality, they are good. Current sales It is also relatively high.

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