Upholstery Fabric Factory Explains How To Match Decorative Fabrics


Upholstery fabric factory produces a wide variety of fa […]

Upholstery fabric factory produces a wide variety of fabrics and a wide range of decorative fabrics. For example, indoor tablecloths, sofas, curtains, bedding fabrics, and so on.

Upholstery fabrics are not only functional, but they can also add color and texture to space. Therefore, the matching of interior decoration fabrics is very important.

1. All colors should be unified, and the decorative fabrics should not be messy. Generally, warm, soft, and quite neutral colors should be used, and red and purple should not be used, which can make the indoor atmosphere bright and stretched, which is conducive to supporting the furniture, and fully reflects the center color of the room, so that it can achieve the effect of a dog in coordination.

2. Pay attention to determining the main color and overall configuration. In the same room, the overall supporting facilities should be determined according to the size of the space. Larger and more obvious fabrics can be used in a spacious space, and fine-grained or full-color fabrics should be used in a small space. All fabrics are uniform in color.

3. In the selection of fabric texture, it should be unified with its function. For example, you can choose gorgeous and beautiful fabrics for decorating the living room, smooth and warm fabrics for decorating the bedroom, and strong and washable fabrics for decorating the kitchen.

4. Generally, warm colors should be used in the room for the elderly and infirm, cool colors for young people, and bright and bright colors for children.