Upholstery Fabric Chooses Natural Sources or Synthetic Fiber Fabrics?


The appearance of furniture depends not only on its sha […]

The appearance of furniture depends not only on its shape. 90% of success is the upholstery.

Purchasing furniture is not a very frequent process, so I am very responsible. Choose a sofa or armchair, and you will live next to them for at least ten years or more. Therefore, please do not hesitate to ask the furniture showroom for fabric samples of your favorite color. There is a risk that under different lighting conditions, the color may change the shadow, and the appearance of the furniture will make you feel uncomfortable, rather than pleased.

The second important parameter of upholstery fabrics is their consistency. I want the furniture to look like the first day after 5 years.

Durability depends on the nature of the fiber, the way of weaving and the way of finishing.

Recently, headsets are all the rage. Now, armchairs and sofas with a single decoration in the same room are considered bad manners. The designer said that the main color is suppressive, looks monotonous, and causes depression. In the concept of overall style, it is best not to choose the same interior, but the same tone. There is a constant dialogue between different internal objects, and the space is full of life, full of vitality and philosophy. The elements of a font are silent and closed.

Therefore, new trends provide space for creativity and the choice of fabrics for furniture.

Natural fibers of natural origin-wool, flax, jute, chook. They are environmentally friendly, breathable and anti-allergic. Unfortunately, they have low abrasion resistance, strong shrinkage and crushability. Synthetic fibers are made of polyamide and polyester. They are characterized by a long service life and a beautiful appearance-the paint will not fade and will not wear out. However, such fabrics can accumulate static electricity, fine particles, dust, etc. This static electricity are the cause of many types of allergies. Moreover, they absolutely do not allow air to pass through.

Synthetic fiber fabrics are made of synthetic fibers. Compared with fabrics made of natural materials, they are more resistant to fading and stains. Many fabrics are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers to improve durability.

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