A chenille yarn is characterized by the fibers bein […]

    A chenille yarn is characterized by the fibers being held on a plied core yarn, shaped like a bottle brush. It is soft to the touch and is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. The fabrics are gorgeous and have a velvety feel. It can also be used directly as a knitting thread, which has the characteristics of plumpness, warmth retention and good decorative effect.
   General chenille fabrics can be washed with water, but will shrink to varying degrees. It is best to wash it on the reverse side, soak it in cold water, if there is detergent, do not soak it for more than 20 minutes, then wash it gently by hand, be careful not to use a washing machine to wash and dehydrate it, so as not to cause damage to the fabric, and finally hang it vertically and dry it naturally. Dry.
  The gilded chenille sweater needs to be maintained at ordinary times, and it needs to be dry cleaned when cleaning to reduce the deformation and shrinkage of the fabric.
  The hot drilled chenille needs special protection, because once it is dropped, it cannot be recovered, and it will leave sticky marks. It must be cleaned with a flexible method.