Chenille Curtains Are Better Than Other Materials


    The fabrics of curtains are divided into cotton, li […]

    The fabrics of curtains are divided into cotton, linen, chenille, etc. Among them, chenille curtains are a relatively high-end curtain fabric in life. Chenille curtains are made of a very thick fabric, which is high-grade and luxurious, soft to the touch, full of suede and good drape. In life, chenille has various advantages, so it is widely used in fleece fabrics and decorative fabrics.

    In terms of appearance, chenille curtains can be made into various exquisite patterns and patterns. The overall look is high-end and gorgeous, and the decoration is good, which can make the interior present a magnificent feeling.

    In terms of touch, the curtain fabric is characterized by the fibers and fibers being held on the plied core yarn, the suede is plump, has a velvety feel, and is soft and comfortable to the touch.

    In terms of hanging, chenille curtains have excellent drape, keep the vertical plane vertical, have good texture, and make the interior more tidy.

    In terms of shading, chenille curtains have a thick texture, which can block strong light in summer, protect indoor furniture, home appliances, etc., and can also play a certain role in keeping warm in winter.